Winter Newsletter – 2013

The Lay of the Land

Power Broker

Seeking Better Communication: Holland Services, Fort Worth, TX

Initially when Holland learned about iLandMan the intent was simply to improve communication between the field, our various offices, and our clients. What the company found was a business partner that is as driven and knowledgeable as Holland Services. Bryan Gaudin, our VP & General Manager, explains “We find our two companies collaborating with some frequency because Holland has a certain way of doing things and we generally have a sense that iLandMan can accomplish what we want. We just don’t always know how to leverage the system, but the people at iLandMan not only know their system inside and out they understand our business. We’re both industry leaders, and very compatible in how we work together.”

Holland handles a broad range of land services such as title, leasing, due diligence, mapping, and additionally, asset management and marketing, all on a nation-wide basis. Gaudin continues, “We service upstream, midstream, and downstream energy, and iLandMan is an ideal solution for us. Our clients find comfort in being able to check the status of any aspect of a project in one place. The system gives our clients peace of mind. Whether they check a project’s status once a month or a hundred times a month they know what they are seeing is in real-time.” iLandMan underscores Holland’s ‘One Stop Shop’ promise to our clients and that has fostered a solid partnership.

Map Tracts

MAI Oil Takes Flight with iLandMan Mapping: By Chase Lybbert, Landman, MAI Oil Operations, Inc.

Mai Oil Operations has been an iLandMan client since 2010, and we portray the mapping function of iLandMan as giving the operator the ability to see an area as if one were flying over it. In the past, pilots used their flight instruments to determine where they and others were in the air. This method can be compared to looking at a spreadsheet of oil and gas leases and trying to extrapolate the information and how it relates to the areas we are leasing in. Now, new technology allows airplanes to be equipped with advanced GPS devices that give the pilot the ability to see himself and others in real-time on a moving map; just like the user of iLandMan can when using the map and its many features.

Viewing the Whole Situation
The mapping features of iLandMan allow us to see “the whole picture” of our current leaseholds, new areas of interest, and areas in which competing operators are leasing or have current production. All the while, providing features that allow us to see trends and key areas and how our areas of interest fit within the County, the State, and even the whole Country. Creating an ArcMap document and loading it into iLandMan is a feature we use daily. iLandMan’s mapping provides great “situational awareness.”

We get a bird’s eye view of the area we are working in which is helpful in learning leasing trends in certain areas as well as where our areas of interest fit in with the “big picture” of what is happening around us.

Overall, the mapping feature has become an invaluable tool. We can delve into the details of a tract just by clicking on that tract which is more efficient than scrolling through a spreadsheet looking for a single lease hidden in the many pages of most oil and gas related spreadsheets. The map is the database information and the information is the map. They are mirror reflections of our projects. iLandMan mapping also allows us to double-check areas of interest that may have been missed when researching the project. Using spreadsheets is helpful in many ways, but as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a 1000 words” and iLandMan is the best view going.

Caldwell Cares

Web-Based Training Yields Dramatic Results: By Sarah Caldwell, Training Manager

Because we care about our clients success, we make sure they receive first class training as soon as they sign up with us. We’ve seen first hand the business benefits for the companies who start leveraging the iLandMan program. Our complete online, web-based training program was launched one year ago, and the comparisons and metrics we have observed both internally and within our clients’ organizations are resounding. The training modules are “self-paced” and can be taken anywhere, any time of the day. Here are a few of the facts we have obtained to help us know how iLandMan’s web-based training is contributing to faster results and a more efficient workflow:

– Prior to iLandMan web-based training, our help desk would get calls from new clients for 60-90 days before they were fully oriented—now, clients are up and running and using iLandMan effectively, 50% faster. The cost savings to your business to get a project started 50% faster is measurable.

– Before the web-based training was available, iLandMan would formally train about 1/3 of our new clients through a variety of channels with varying results. Since the online modules were released these figures have reversed. Almost 70% of our new users are taking advantage of the web-based training and becoming proficient in iLandman almost immediately.

Our Training can occur anywhere, anytime—it’s all online! Your team can train today, and start using iLandMan tomorrow. iLandMan customers can login anywhere, anytime, to our on-demand, interactive web-based training.

The training is divided into multiple sections according to the workflow of the program. It can be started and suspended, allowing the learner to pick-up right where they left off. Each section requires interaction from the user and ends with a quiz. The quiz allows the learner to use their new found knowledge and gauge their proficiency instantly. This sets iLandMan’s training apart from traditional training programs because iLandMan provides the hands on experience needed to apply the new skills immediately in the field.

Learners are enrolled in the following courses:

– Introduction

– Owners

– Tracts

– Contract Preparation

– Lessees

– Reporting

– Contracts

Once the training is complete, learners will be “iLandMan Certified” and will be able to print out a certificate demonstrating their new proficiencies. As business managers we all inherently know our people are among our most critical assets. Providing solid tools such as iLandMan is smart. Training them up is wise.

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