Let us manage the deployment of iLandMan so you don’t have to!

Deployment Assurance


You can keep doing your day job, without getting bogged down in the details of deploying iLandMan. Eliminate having to answer the “how do I…” phone calls and emails. Leave behind the worry of “are they entering the data correctly?” or “is this report the correct report?” Provide management a real time map of your project, without lifting a finger.


For the first eight (8) weeks of deployment, an iLandMan customer success manager will assist your company with administrative duties, on-board and oversight of field brokers, ensure proper data entry and use of iLandMan, assist with map set up and provide stakeholders key reports each week.


iLandMan will assist your license administrator with setting up projects, adding users and configuring list maintenance.  A customer success manager will make sure that all company and field landmen complete web-based training and are entering data properly.  They know the reports and maps management wants to see, so they send these reports to you weekly.


Custom Deployment Program


iLandMan can create a custom deployment plan based on your needs. The entirety of the deployment effort will be managed by iLandMan. We can provide on-site consultants to work one-on-one with office and field personnel, ensuring a quick and correct adoption of iLandMan.


Also, we can provide off-site dedicated support and data review. Your users will call into the same iLandMan support team member for assistance. This support team member will check the data entered by the field personnel daily, and contact them directly to correct erroneous data entry or improper use of iLandMan.

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