Accounting Integration

Land departments, celebrate!

Accounting Integration

Don’t settle for a sub-par land system tied to your chosen accounting system.

iLandMan and OGsys have joined forces to create an integrated solution between the best in lease management and accounting software systems.


This new relationship unites your land and accounting departments with more accurate and efficient processes than ever before by eliminating the duplication of data and reducing risk. Landmen, lease analysts, and finance teams now have access to single entries for addresses and payment information, and the power to automatically calculate divisions of interest and joint interest billing decks.

iLandMan OGsys Integration Infographic

Both iLandMan and OGsys are dedicated to continuing development of their respective systems as well as growing the power of this connection. Finally, a state of the art, fully integrated land and accounting
solution for the modern E&P.


Please talk to us before you choose an accounting program and we will show you a better way! Call 1-855-445-9629, email, or fill out the form below.



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  • *iLandMan will NEVER share your contact information with anyone!