iLandMan offers standardization of the permitting process and real time management of permit agents.

In the past a seismic company usually depended on a data clerk to populate a spreadsheet so that the mapping contractor could color a map each day to give to the survey and shooting crew. Now they can access their exact surface and mineral acres both, in terms of surface and mineral owners, and lease hold owners. Seismic companies can also monitor all costs associated including permit agent, permitting costs, and damage costs.


The seismic company now has a tool that shows them where they have surface and mineral interests acquired through seismic permits, leases, options and other agreements. Using the minimum requirements analytic demonstrates both surface and mineral permits as well as all depth segregations and formations. They can get a “go-no-go” map based on the minimum requirements to see where they have or do not have the required interest. These new developments have decreased the spin time and bottlenecks tremendously.

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