Can you provide real-time project status reports and maps to your clients on demand? With iLandMan you can.

iLandMan was designed with you in mind. As owner/president of your firm, you are responsible for multiple projects with different demands from all of your clients. Other land service companies are using outdated maps and reports that can be weeks or even months old! With iLandMan you can truly stand out among the pack providing accurate up-to-the-minute project information to your clients.


With so many projects going on at one time, staying up to speed on progress can be difficult. As owner/president, iLandMan allows you to monitor all projects, managers, and individual landmen from a high level down to the minute detail, in real time. You can even monitor their work output for the day, week, or month and compare it with your billing and profit margins.


With the customizable project dashboard and report builder you can have all the project’s key performance indicators at your finger tips. In addition to increasing your profit margins, you will easily see the benefits of being more organized and having more free time on your hands. Family? Golf? Fishing anyone?

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