GIS Manager

GIS Manager

Our intuitive interactive map gives your Land Service Company and your GIS manager and users the ability to visually depict all project scenarios.

The GIS staff now can focus on the important functions of creating base maps, reference material and other GIS jobs taking away the interruptions from other staff for map prints and small changes.


iLandMapper Tractulator MeBo - Mapping Module - iLandMan


iLandMan’s unique combination of database and GIS mapping tools creates a hybrid virtual spatial database. From leasehold to well points, rentals/expirations to conditions and obligations, with iLandMan the data is the map and the map is the data.


The pinnacle of iLandMan’s functionality can be seen in GIS attribute creation. Your GIS department becomes the last stop in assurance of data quality and accuracy.  Through the GIS department you have access to all maps and corresponding reports directly from the map. Going to the map allows you to create the map analytic you want with a corresponding report on a tract by tract or lease by lease basis. Both reports and shape files are immediately transferable to your client and can be imported into their GIS systems.


iLandMan allows users to share base maps as well as queried analytics with its clients and all its license users. It also allows the users to query their maps without having to go to the GIS Analyst with each request. The GIS Analyst has full layer control through the permission process. iLandMan now brings mapping to all users without the need for a Host GIS system on each machine.

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