For Land Service Companies

Manage projects. Save time. Increase profits.

Project Management
Proactively manage projects in real time.
GIS Mapping
Easily manage projects with revolutionary GIS mapping.
Real-Time Reporting
Provide your clients with real-time information and reporting.
Direct Invoicing
Remove billing issues with direct contractor invoicing

Project Management

View all data as well as key performance indicators for a project anytime, anywhere, in real-time.

Directly manage land staff, allowing or restricting access to data using project oriented permissions.

Monitor comprehensive project budgets from the highest level to the most detailed.

GIS Mapping

Provide your clients with current visual representations of project data.

Allow for informational drill down into the tracts and contracts.

Create map solutions without requiring additional GIS host systems.

Real Time Reporting

Keep managers and crew chiefs abreast of project status with summary reports and maps

Create reports in Excel or PDF formats using over 70 provided reports, or our Custom Report Builder.

Easily verify information with our specialized comparison reporting.

Direct Invoicing

Increase billing accuracy and efficiency using our simplified timesheet system.

Shorten payment times with multiple invoicing options.

Track broker costs against project budget with our custom dashboard.

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