Independent Landman

Independent Landman

iLandMan has moved the independent landman from the back of the room to the front of the class.

The landman now has a robust database, interactive map, and customizable reporting tool to give his clients and partners real time information on their exploration and exploitation assets. The landman has the ability to communicate with all levels of management, import 3rd party data for review, and provide visual representations of his work and the projects under his direction or control.


iLandMan’s tools have made this important member of the exploration team invaluable as well as efficient in all his work. The savings in time and reduction of redundant work processes have huge returns to both the landman and his clients in all aspects of the project.


This technology is better than that used by MOST of the largest brokerage firms in the United States! Stand out in crowd with expertise in the latest technology through simple to use data structures and one day training on use of the iLandMapper GIS mapping tool.

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