Lease Management Software

For The Modern E&P

At 20 – 30 – $40,000 per acre, can you afford to mismanage your leases?

Your company just made (or is about to make) a great acquisition and you are ready to get to work, but what comes next? With today’s complex leases and ever-increasing list of obligations, you need more than paper files or spreadsheets to manage your assets. You need iLandMan.

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Streamline The Entire E&P Land Life Cycle

Efficiently manage oil and gas assets from acquisition and lease management all the way through revenue calculations and divestiture.

Reduce Your Land Budget Up To 30%

Eliminate countless hours of spreadsheet data entry, typing errors, and duplication using our powerful online database and mapping system.

Never Lose A Lease Again

Artificial intelligence automatically creates obligation schedules with email notifications for pugh clauses, lease extensions, shut-in payments, and more.


Understand Your True Leasehold Value

Verify your net acreage on a tract-by-tract and formation-by-formation basis for the most accurate valuations in the market.

Manage Your Project Securely In The Cloud

Access your data 24/7 from anywhere in the world for real-time critical decision making, and scale your projects up and down as needed.

Integrate With Other Software Using API

From land, to engineering, to finance, and more, our state of the art technology can connect various application databases to support company-wide workflows.

Contact Us Today

Let us give you a free demonstration of our software before your acquisition closes and we can work together on a plan to bring your new data in from whatever source the seller provides.  We’ve converted data from spreadsheets, Quorum, P2, Enertia, Excalibur, Bolo, LandPro and many, many more, and can have you up and running in no time. Our tract and formation-based system will ensure that your leasehold is managed as accurately and efficiently as possible going forward.


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  • *iLandMan will NEVER share your contact information with anyone!