Automated Data Integration

Is The Future Of Lease Management

Maximizing efficiency results in higher profits.

Isn’t that what your land software should do for you?iLandMan TGS OGsys Logos

Our lease management system is built around the idea that sharing information from the best software and data providers in the industry makes software more powerful and data more valuable. When it comes to reducing cost and lowering risk for E&P companies, automating this process through integration increases this value exponentially by maximizing efficiency.


We are the only lease management software in the world taking you beyond Excel uploads/downloads with this kind of automated business intelligence.


Continuously updated well status information coming from TGS into iLandMan will trigger notifications for events such as payment obligations, shut-in payments, extensions and more.


With OGsys, landmen, lease analysts, and finance teams now have access to single entries for addresses and payment information, and the power to automatically calculate divisions of interest and joint interest billing decks.


*These are just the first of many great companies that we are integrating with and we are looking to grow these offerings as quickly as we can. If you are currently utilizing other software or data providers that have an API we would be happy to connect with them to provide you even more value.


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