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2017 PBLA Shrimp Boil + Golf Tournament

How many pounds of shrimp do you think it takes to satisfy over 800 people? Your guess is as good as ours, but we have been told that 20 kegs of beer only lasted two hours! What an amazing turnout last Wednesday for the 2017 Permian Basin Landmen’s Association Shrimp Boil at The Bar in Midland!

The line to get it was around the block, but it was worth the wait for some delicious food and fun. It was obvious that spirits are high in Midland and everyone was

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NAPE Summit – 2017

Go big or go home was the iLandMan mantra this year for NAPE Summit 2017 as we debuted our new big booth and brought more team members to the show than ever before… and it was amazing! We were very excited to see the crowd headed our direction when they walked in the door, and were particularly looking forward to showing off our new automated obligations functionality on one of the four demonstration stations.

We were very proud to learn that there were nearly 25 iLandMan clients with booths

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2016 HAPL Golf Tournament

We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day last week at the 54th annual Houston Association of Professional Landmen Golf Tournament. The sun was shining for the hundreds of golfers and sponsors that came out to Kingwood Country Club for the festivities.

As usual the iLandMan cooking team arrived early with our trailer full of supplies and got set up with a crowd gathering on the driving range right behind us. We started the morning out with some hot Starbucks coffee for the early birds, and after the golfers

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2016 LAPL Fall Educational Seminar

Last week iLandMan had the privilege of attending and also sponsoring the 2016 LAPL Fall Educational Seminar held at the Petroleum Club in Lafayette, LA. The one day event was well attended by local landmen who were instructed by oil and gas attorneys on such topics as: production in paying quantities (what is enough?), unitization and regulatory issues common in Louisiana, recent legislative and jurisprudence of interest to oil and gas landmen, the “exciting” risk fee talk, and an ethics presentation.

Special thanks goes out to Nick Wise with

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2016 PBLA Eric Hanson Memorial Sporting Clay Shoot

“What a difference a month makes!” This was the consensus at the annual PBLA Eric Hanson Memorial Sporting Clay Shoot last week in Midland, TX where the cool weather was quite a pleasant surprise to everyone who came out early for the big event. The iLandMan breakfast station was wiped out of Starbucks coffee and Jumburrito breakfast goodies within an hour and the first flight of shooters were itching to get out on the course.

The first group of shooters made their rounds and began returning to the clubhouse,

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2016 OCAPL Sporting Clays Tournament

From the whitewater of downtown Oklahoma City to the country woods of Guthrie, we had a great trip to Oklahoma a few weeks ago for the 2016 OCAPL Sporting Clays Tournament. Can you believe there is whitewater rafting in downtown Oklahoma City? We had to see it for ourselves and were totally blown away by the beautiful facility and the exciting experience!

The big event was the next day, with multiple flights of shooters, so we dried out and were on the road bright and early to Silverleaf Shotgun

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Summer NAPE – 2016

Summer NAPE 2016 has come and gone and it was another great show at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston last week. We were excited to announce our new land and accounting software collaboration with OGsys on the opening day of the exhibits, and were very pleased with the response. We had dozens of folks stopping by the booth to learn more about this new integration.

It was Al’s first NAPE with the iLandMan team (though he’s been plenty of times before) and he hit the ground

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iLandMan and OGsys Integrate Land and Accounting Systems

We are very pleased to officially announce that iLandMan and OGsys, Inc. have entered into a developmental business agreement to offer a fully integrated land management and accounting solution for exploration and production companies.

This state of the art technology relationship promises to unite land teams and accounting departments through a truly integrated technical approach, where data meaningful to each side of the company can be appropriately shared between them.

 “OGsys clients and prospective clients have requested that our firm link seamlessly with iLandMan among others. We’ve heard

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2016 AAPL Annual Meeting

The 62nd Annual AAPL Meeting began on a somber note with the shooting spree at Pulse Nightclub in downtown Orlando on Saturday night. As you traveled around the city you noticed the heightened security at all public places and events. This year’s meeting was held at the Hyatt Regency Resort in Orlando Florida, a very nice hotel just a few minutes from the Disney area and outside of downtown. It was a rather large hotel with meeting space located onsite, nice lounges, and a great pool area with a water

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2016 OCAPLTA Symposium

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking and participating in a panel discussion at the 9th Annual Oklahoma City Association of Petroleum Lease and Title Analysts Symposium. The seminar’s focus was a detailed look at how different segments of the energy industry work and interact to build a play. I was tasked with discussing how technology can enhance lease acquisition and lease management processes for E&P land departments.

It was a particularly fun scenario for me (and one that I never would’ve predicted a few years

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2016 HAPL Spring Swing Membership Drive

Having the highest score when playing golf has never felt as good as it did last week at the second annual HAPL Spring Swing Membership Drive at Topgolf in Houston, TX.

With a beautiful view of the arena and a nice breeze coming in, the whole third floor was dedicated to the HAPL crowd for the competition. Richard, TJ, Adam, Gene, and Don didn’t bring home the trophy, but had a great time swinging away and learning more about this new entertainment concept.

Good food, drinks, and fun

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iLandMan Introduces Technology to University of Tulsa Energy Management Students

Richard Hines, iLandMan Vice President, co-founder, and Certified Professional Landman (CPL), gave his first special class presentation to University of Tulsa Energy Management students earlier this month in Tulsa, OK. The iLandMan University Program allows students to take free training with access to iLandMan for their studies.

With the help of Energy Management Director Tim Coburn, Asst. Director Tom Seng, and Instructor Shelia Wilson, Mr. Hines shared with the students his experiences as a landman, how the industry began and has evolved, where it is today, and technology changes

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iLandMan Shares Technology with Colorado Mesa and UL Landman Programs

Lafayette based lease acquisition and land management software company iLandMan continues its commitment to education by presenting to Colorado Mesa University and University of Louisiana landman program students again this year.

Richard Hines, iLandMan Vice President, co-founder, and Certified Professional Landman (CPL), gave special class presentations to landman students late last year in Grand Junction and earlier this year in Lafayette.

Organized by Steve Soychak and Bryan Hotard in Grand Junction, and Oliver LeBlanc in Lafayette, Mr. Hines shared with the students his experiences as a landman, how

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NAPE Summit – 2016

NAPE Summit 2016 is in the books and it was one heck of a show! Last we heard there were over 11,500 people in attendance and the convention center floor was buzzing. Our team was happy to be busy answering questions and doing demonstrations all day long.

Catching up with old friends and spending some time with our clients was also a welcome treat. We were especially proud to see over 20 of our customer companies with booths at the show, many of which came over to say

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Oil Crisis: Investment Dream or Acquisition Nightmare?

Buying low and selling high in this market only works if you know the TRUE value of your acquisition.

Nobody, and I include myself, can predict oil prices for the immediate future. However, I do have another type of prediction…more new domestic oil and gas companies will be formed in the next five years than in any similar time frame in the history of the United States. This is for one simple reason, at these prices, oil is the safest investment simply because it is well below its replacement cost.

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Staying in the Game: 7 Tips for Independent Landmen

As an independent or staff landman in today’s market, you are trying to figure out if you are still in this game. Maybe you are wondering if you even want to be in the oil & gas land business anymore. Was your project discontinued? Were there major cut backs? Are you just worried that the future is bleak with all the bad news of layoffs and more?

Let’s face it, as a landman today, you are required to do more than you have ever done before. You must have a

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Celebrating 30 Years in Exploration & Production Technology

Today is my 30th anniversary in the upstream oil & gas business. The market conditions on January 6, 1986 were very similar to what they are today. An oversupply of oil was causing low oil prices, massive industry layoffs, and rapidly declining rig counts. Just like today, very few opportunities were available for recent petroleum engineering graduates, but luckily I had secured employment with NL McCullough as a Cased Hole Wireline Engineer.

In 1986, the oil patch was a much different place than it is today. Exploration focus was on

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2015 HAPL Golf Tournament

“Is it going to rain? Is it going to be freezing? What are we going to do?” The forecast was grim last week for the 53rd annual Houston Association of Professional Landmen Golf Tournament, BUT… it turned out to be a pretty nice day! Cloudy but definitely comfortable, it was a great time as hundreds of golfers came out to Kingwood Country Club for the festivities.

Arriving early that morning was the iLandMan cooking team with a trailer full of equipment, ingredients, and some special treats for the

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Staying in the Game: E&P Companies

You have watched the ping pong game of oil prices over the last six months and now you are trying to figure out if you are still in the game, or if you even want to be in the game. One thing to consider is that hydrocarbons as a fuel are here to stay. You won’t see jets or 18-wheel trucks being propelled by solar panels or wind turbines. Gasoline, as well as other various forms of fuel, are made from oil. So if you or your exploration company have

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2015 OCAPL Sporting Clays Tournament

The 2015 OCAPL Sporting Clay Shoot, benefitting the Oklahoma Youth Hunting Program, started off with a bang last Friday. Participants came from all over the great state of Oklahoma and beyond to take out their commodity price anxiety on some unsuspecting clay pigeons. iLandMan was there front and center serving donuts to the hungry and coffee to the caffeine addicted from 7AM until the last shot was fired. The caffeine boost seemed greatly appreciated, especially for the early bird group, while the donuts provided a nice little sugar rush and

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Summer NAPE – 2015

It was a long and successful week in Houston for Summer NAPE 2015. After finally figuring out our travel plans from south Louisiana, we really enjoyed the new show format, with a half day of exhibiting on Wednesday afternoon, followed by a full day on Thursday.

Construction at the George R. Brown Convention Center coupled with some crazy storming weather made getting into the show very interesting, but neither seemed to deter hundreds of companies and thousands of visitors from hitting the floor.

Demonstrations of our

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2015 PBLA Eric Hanson Memorial Sporting Clay Shoot

According to the organizers, this year’s Permian Basin Landmen’s Association Eric Hanson Memorial Sporting Clay Shoot was the biggest they’ve ever had! Over 500 participants happily endured the 100+ degree temperature for some shooting fun out at Jake’s Clays in Midland.

To get the morning started, the iLandMan team provided some fresh Starbucks coffee and the folks over at Transglobal Services had some delicious breakfast burritos. Transglobal, with some help from Mac’s Bar-B-Q & Catering, also had an amazing spread for everyone during the day.

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New E&P companies deserve, and should demand, a new status quo.

One of our competitors (that I hold in very high regard), wrote a great article on the need for oil and gas lease brokers to change the “status quo” of how they work. The gist of the article pointed out that for lease brokers to stay in business, they would have to adopt new technology to bring value and cost savings to their clientele. The “status quo,” he said, just won’t do. I couldn’t agree more, but then again I am biased, because that technology is what we sell.


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Oil Crisis: Is anyone guarding his assets? Anyone? Anyone?

I’ve been wondering about something lately and have been asking around. The reaction I get reminds me of the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. Remember the teacher asking the class history questions, getting no response, and saying “Anyone, Anyone”?

Have you heard of the term “contango”? This is a situation where the futures price (or forward price) of a commodity is higher than the expected spot price. Sound familiar? This is what is happening with oil today; “I’m not selling my oil today, because it will be worth more

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NAPE Summit – 2015

Another big NAPE aka Winter NAPE aka NAPE Summit has come and gone, and no matter what you call it, it was a great show! Nearly a thousand exhibitors and thousands of attendees packed the George R. Brown Convention Center for the big event. If the Icebreaker was any indication, this was going to be one heck of a show.

With genuine Louisiana King Cake up for grabs, the iLandMan team was fueled and on its feet all day answering questions and offering demonstrations of our latest features,

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Oil Crisis: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

With the downturn in commodity prices comes a reduction in drilling activity and capital expenditures. E&P Companies will be looking at their balance sheets to maximize value on what they already have in inventory. That will include PDP (Proved Developed Producing) as well as PUD (Proved Undeveloped).

Prior to shale, a typical E&P would have 80% of their asset value in PDP and 20% in PUD. As late as 2010 this reversed to 20% in PDP and 80% in PUD. These PUD’s were valued on a per net

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Dallas Dealmakers – Jan. 2015

The beautiful Hilton Anatole played host to a few hundred visitors for the PLS Dealmakers Prospect and Property Expo last week in Dallas, TX. Despite what you may be hearing about doom and gloom in the oil and gas industry, the crowd was buzzing with activity and seemed to have a positive outlook on the future of their business.

Buyers, sellers, newly formed companies, vendors and more all manned their booths and roamed the aisles of the Imperial Ballroom looking to make deals of one kind or another.

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Oil Crisis: Danger or Opportunity?

The Chinese symbol for crisis is composed of two sino-characters that can represent “danger” and “opportunity”. So which applies to the present state of the oil business? The answer is both.

The good thing about getting older is that nothing surprises you anymore. While the drop in oil prices may have taken everyone by surprise, it is of no surprise… that we were surprised. We have been here before. And while almost everyone has an opinion on when or if it will it recover, I do not. I can honestly say

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NAPE Denver – 2014

I am happy to be reporting back to you after going up to beautiful Colorado for NAPE Denver earlier this month. Formerly known as NAPE Rockies, the show began that Wednesday with a business conference covering various topics from operations to environmental issues, and was topped off with Charles Davidson, Chairman of Noble Energy, as its keynote speaker. That night attendees were treated to an ice breaker social event, and of course there were a ton of private functions going on as well.

The expo began the next

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2014 HAPL Golf Tournament

Freezing cold temperatures and cutting winds didn’t phase folks at the 52nd annual Houston Association of Professional Landmen Golf Tournament last week! Hundreds of golfers, donning their best cold-weather gear, showed up Monday morning ready to play at the Kingwood Country Club in Kingwood, TX.

The clubhouse and courses were buzzing with activity that morning as the country club team prepared for the arrival of the masses. Golf carts lined every possible road way and cart path as far as the eye could see.

Also arriving early that

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