NAPE Denver – 2014

I am happy to be reporting back to you after going up to beautiful Colorado for NAPE Denver earlier this month. Formerly known as NAPE Rockies, the show began that Wednesday with a business conference covering various topics from operations to environmental issues, and was topped off with Charles Davidson, Chairman of Noble Energy, as its keynote speaker. That night attendees were treated to an ice breaker social event, and of course there were a ton of private functions going on as well.

NAPE Denver - Dec. 2014 - iLandMan - Denver, CO

The expo began the next morning with a pretty good crowd on hand to see deals from all over the map! There were deals from various western states including California, Utah, and Nevada, along with other typical rocky mountain states as Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Montana. There were even a few projects in Kansas and Nebraska.

NAPE Denver - Dec. 2014 - iLandMan - Denver, CO

Vendors lined the halls demonstrating their services and included everything from capital providers, land service companies, attorneys and of course software solutions. The PLRM programs from the western states were also present giving their students the chance to experience the exposition and see how deals are marketed and sold. The day was capped off with the 2nd Annual DAPL Bash where we all had a chance to unwind.

NAPE Denver - Dec. 2014 - iLandMan - Denver, CO

Friday I saw many deals being marketed very heavily as folks tried to move them before the end of the year. Talk of commodity prices was abundant and, while being optimistic, the crowd was reserved in their judgment of the coming year’s prices. I heard everything from a total crash with $10 oil all the way up to a revival of prices in to the $100 range. My take away from my talks with industry insiders seem to see the price gradually increasing over the next 6 months, making it to the $75 mark sometime either late summer or early fall.Richard Hines, CPL, Vice President - iLandMan

Richard Hines, CPL – Vice President – iLandMan

Look for us next month at Dallas Dealmakers where we will be showcasing our newest features helping you to empower your landmen with an online, real-time, tract-based tool they can use every day!

If you have any questions about iLandMan, or want to set up a demonstration, please give us a call at 1-855-445-9629 or fill out our contact form.

For more pictures from this great event, check out the gallery below or view the album on our Facebook Page where you can tag yourself and your friends.

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