Midland Dealmakers – Oct. 2014

Midland, Texas continues to BOOM with oil and gas activity and we got to take it in first hand traveling to the PLS Midland Dealmakers Prospect and Property Expo in late October. Said Adam our Marketing Director, “It was my first time out there and I absolutely could not believe the view from my airplane as I flew in to town and gazed up the thousands upon thousands of rigs and pumps as far as the eye could see! It is truly amazing!”

Airplane View of Oil Rigs and Pumps - Midland, TX

Show day was busy with hundreds of folks coming through to buy and sell deals. We were lucky enough to be situated near the entrance of the arena and enjoyed meeting so many new people as they came in. As one of only a few vendor companies, it was interesting to note how many people hadn’t heard of iLandMan before, or were surprised to see a company like ours at a show like this.

This made for some great conversation, and of course some eye-opening demonstrations, as many people were curious to know more about what we do. Many were surprised to learn that we offer an online, real-time version of those maps that each company hung so proudly in their booth around the arena promoting deals.

Richard Hines+ QStar Team - Midland Dealmakers

As a sponsor of the expo, we were proud to see our colors around the neck of almost all of the attendees with an iLandMan lanyard holding their nametags. When it came time to relax, the iLandMan koozies were out and we shared some laughs with many of our new friends over a few drinks before calling it a day.

John Fenstermaker, Richard Hines, Rene Escuriex - Midland Dealmakers, Oct. 2014

Look for us later this month at the 2014 HAPL Golf Tournament in Houston where we will be cooking some delicious Louisiana grub, serving refreshments, giving away swag, and more! Be sure to stop by our tents to say hello, grab a treat, and let us know if you have any questions about iLandMan.

If you have any questions about iLandMan, or want to set up a demonstration, please give us a call at 1-855-445-9629 or fill out our contact form.

For more pictures from this great event, check out the gallery below or view the album on our Facebook Page where you can tag yourself and your friends.

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