iLandMan Presents New Technology for UL PLRM Program

Richard Hines Presents to UL PLRM Class

Lafayette based lease acquisition and land management software company iLandMan held special class presentations for the University of Louisiana Professional Land and Resource Management program.

Richard Hines, iLandMan Vice President and co-founder, held two special class sessions for students in UL’s landman program this February.

Hines was approached by course administrator Buster LeBlanc to share his experiences in land work, how the industry began and has evolved, where it is today, and changes he sees for the future of the industry. Students were also given the opportunity to view and train on iLandMan’s tract-based online land management system by entering data and reviewing mapping images and rules.

Along with his role with iLandMan, Hines has over 30 years’ experience in the land industry, has served as Third Vice President of the American Association of Professional Landman (AAPL), and currently serves on the Certification Committee and the Website/IT Committee. He was the recipient of the 2008 AAPL Best Director’s Communication Award.


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