iLandMan and OGsys Integrate Land and Accounting Systems

We are very pleased to officially announce that iLandMan and OGsys, Inc. have entered into a developmental business agreement to offer a fully integrated land management and accounting solution for exploration and production companies.

iLandMan and OGsys

This state of the art technology relationship promises to unite land teams and accounting departments through a truly integrated technical approach, where data meaningful to each side of the company can be appropriately shared between them.

Chuck Blanton, President - OGsys

Chuck Blanton, President – OGsys

 “OGsys clients and prospective clients have requested that our firm link seamlessly with iLandMan among others. We’ve heard many times over that full land-life-cycle management, from leasing, to mapping, to divisions of interest, must be offered in a seamless connection,” said OGsys President Chuck Blanton. “The accuracy and efficiency that result from such an integration is invaluable to all.”

iLandMan President, Tim Supple, explains, “No longer do today’s land departments need to settle for a sub-par land system tied to their previously chosen accounting system. This solution will empower these companies to have the most accurate tract and formation-based data in the industry flow directly to a powerful accounting system with ease.”

Tim Supple, President - iLandMan

Tim Supple, President – iLandMan

Currently in development, a cloud-based OGsys platform will soon be released, offering E&P companies additional accounting and operations management options. For those desiring total cloud technology, the iLandMan/OGsys connection will provide functionality unheard of in the industry.

About iLandMan: iLandMan is the only online, real-time, tract and formation-based lease management software for exploration and production companies. The company has offices in Lafayette, Houston, and Oklahoma City.

About OGsys: Since 1982, OGsys has been providing user-friendly, intuitive oil and gas accounting software that accelerates answers to critical questions impacting daily productivity and overall success. The company has offices in Fort Worth and Houston.

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