Fully Integrated Map

Fully Integrated Map

The map is the data. The data is the map.

Having a fully integrated and interactive map is essential to any company involved with lease acquisition and land management. With ever-evolving complex scenarios, the landman, whether field or office, needs to have his as well as his competitors lease position readily available. The massiveness of the shale plays have demonstrated how, without maps, the user has information overload.


Integrated GIS Map Pie Wheel Layers Legend - iLandMan


The data in our database is directly integrated with our interactive map. This means as data is entered or edited in the field, the map is updated simultaneously. The same reports that can be run from the database can be run directly from the map.


Our proprietary analytics enable all stakeholders to analyze their project data and display it visually for strategic decision making. With a few clicks on the map, one can quickly view information such as:


  • Mineral Lease Hold
  • Tract Status
  • Lease Expiration
  • Go/No Go Seismic Maps
  • … and more!

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