Field Driven Data

Field Driven Data

Data is entered by its source in iLandMan, so as to be correct and timely as possible.

Field Driven Data

Ever played the telephone game? We’ve all experienced first hand how quickly information can be distorted as it changes hands. iLandMan removes these opportunities for error.


The landman is the one in the field who has spent hours in the courthouse flipping through piles of paperwork and knocking on doors. As the creator and gatherer of the all of the data, he enters it directly into iLandMan and removes the need for any 3rd party to analyze or interpret his work.


When the landman enters his findings into Tablet Research in The Fieldthe database, it is immediately available to the entire team. No more waiting on someone to check their email the next morning. No more waiting on hard copy packages in the mail. No more waiting on another team member to interpret and enter his data when they are swamped with other work. Now your project data is always as current as the day’s work.



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