Built-In Reporting

Built-In Reporting

Easily verify information with our specialized comparison reporting.

We’ve provided over 110 powerful reports based on years of land experience. Reports such as Contract Summary, Lease Purchase, Chain of Title, and Tract Ownership, are readily available.


We can even create an entire Lease Package Report in one click. It includes a copy of the lease, copy of the check, tract ownership report, chain of title report, plat and source deed. This is all immediately provided in a single PDF which can be modified to company specifications. For a land service company, this report is easily generated for email direct to your client. For an exploration and production company, there is no need to wait for your broker. It can be printed or download directly from iLandMan.


Contract Reports Page- iLandMan


Several of these provided reports are particularly effective at the verification of data across the entire project. The Tract/Contract/Grantor Comparison Report literally highlights missing or inaccurate data, saving hours or even days of research. For example, an error in net acreage might indicate a missing owner or data entry error that can be quickly investigated back to its source.


Each of the built in reports has optional sophisticated filtering allowing you to drill down into your project’s data at a detailed level. Reports can be filtered by fields such as subproject, location, status, ownership and more. Filter settings can be saved and named for future use.


All of these reports can be run from a selected area of interest directly from the map.

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