API Integration

API Integration

Our state of the art technology is ready to integrate with your other enterprise systems.

iLandMan is the most powerful lease management software in the world, but there is more to running an E&P company than just having an amazing land department. We knew early on that it would be important to share data between land, engineering, finance, and more, so we built an advanced Application Program Interface (API) that is ready to integrate with your other systems.

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In general, an API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. It specifies how software components should programmatically interact. Integrating with iLandMan’s API empowers your company to automatically share land data with your other business applications in real-time. We are taking you beyond Excel uploads/downloads with automated business intelligence.


iLandMan clients are currently using our API to integrate with various accounting, engineering, and mapping softwares. We also have the capability to connect with task management, well monitoring, geological programs, and data sources such as OGsys, TGS, IHS, DrillingInfo, State Conservation Departments, along with other software using API functionality.


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