iLandMan’s features were designed with the landman in mind. It is an online, real-time, tract-based system for landmen to use every day.

For the field landman it standardizes workflow processes, making lease and contract preparation or permit acquisition, more efficient. For land service companies, it aids in the assessment of project performance and the management of day-to-day operations. For exploration and production companies, it enables proactive management of brokers.


iLandMan is a powerful everyday tool that provides complete online access to all company projects, along with maps and reports that both increase efficiency and eliminate wasteful duplication of effort. With iLandMan, your map is as current as the day’s work in real time, anytime you need it.


So if you’re looking for a competitive edge in Exploration and Production or Land Service, look to us first. Browse through our features to better understand how iLandMan’s unique components come together to make it the best landman solution available. 


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