Your team can train today and start using iLandMan tomorrow.

Think getting all of your landmen and brokers on a new system and on the same page is impossible? Good news! Our program was built to be intuitive and easy to use so it takes very little time and effort to get users up and running. We have a proven training process that includes web-based training, instructor led webinars, and on-site classes and consultation.


Web-Based Training


iLandMan customers can login anywhere, anytime, to our on-demand, interactive, web-based training. The training is divided into multiple sections according to the workflow of the program. It can be started and suspended, allowing the learner to pick up right where they left off. Each section requires interaction from the user and ends with a quiz. The quiz allows the learner to use their newly acquired knowledge and gauge their proficiency instantly.


This sets iLandMan’s web-based training apart from traditional training programs because it provides the hands on experience needed to apply the new skills immediately in the field.


From beginning to end, this web-based training program takes approximately 3.5 hours. Once the training is complete, learners will be “iLandMan Certified” and will be able to print out a certificate demonstrating their new proficiencies. This certification also earns you 4 credits toward RL/RPL and CPL Re-certification with the American Association of Professional Landmen and 4 CPLTA credits with the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts.


Order iLandMan’s web-based training for yourself or your team today!


Instructor Led Training


We provide instructor led license administrator and user administrator training via webinar at your convenience.


Whether your company offices or brokers are spread out or centrally located, we can also serve any number of locations and users with on-site training. This can be either advanced training customized for your internal processes or simply a refresher if needed.


Follow Up


Once initial training has been completed and your team has had a chance to familiarize themselves with iLandMan, we will hold follow up Q&A sessions as frequently as needed.

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