GIS Manager

GIS Manager

iLandman’s unique GIS structure uses the latest technology to allow for integration, accumulation, and dissemination of real-time maps.

This structure allows users to query and display attribute representations of analytical data for various leasehold and tract status without the need for 3rd party software.


iLandMapper Tractulator MeBo - Mapping Module - iLandMan


The core of iLandMan GIS is ArcGIS Server, it gives our users a fully integrated and interactive map. It also allows the company GIS department to upload and download project and analytical shape files for use internally or with other 3rd party systems. This module has been the answer for GIS departments as it relieves them of the repeated request for varying maps from all other departments. With iLandMan these request are now handled individually within iLandMan by the users and the GIS department can now be used in a more productive manner.


iLandMan allows users to share base maps as well as queried analytics with all other departments and users. It also allows the users to query their maps without having to go to the GIS Analyst with each request. The GIS Analyst has full layer control through the permission process. iLandMan now brings mapping to all users without the need for a Host GIS system on each machine.


Key features of iLandMan GIS:

  • Create attributes on the fly
  • Automatically creates analytical layers, various tracts for surface, minerals and formation tracts
  • GIS becomes one of the MOST important members of the exploration team

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