Division Order Analyst

Division Order Analyst

How long does it take you to create a division order? With iLandMan, you can do it in just minutes.

Unit Mineral Leashold Map Hackberry Formation - iLandMan

What used to take analysts days and even weeks to accomplish, iLandMan’s division order module does with a few simple clicks. Real time division order calculations can be done by geologic formation, tract, well, unit, or spatial query. This not only gives you real time complete division order reports, but uniquely demonstrates errors in the data on a tract by tract basis.


Even interest decks can be generated quickly to meet the ever changing obligations from Farmouts, Joint Operating Agreements, and Assignments. iLandMan allows you to create revenue and expense interest decks from its fully integrated tract and lease data, or by simply inputting the interest into the tables. Division of interest reports can be easily generated from your interest deck information.


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Royalty Division Order Report Spreadsheet - iLandMan

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