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There’s a reason why E&P companies switch to iLandMan.

That “cheap” or “free” data conversion you got with your expensive land software doesn’t seem to be going very well.

  • Have you been waiting 6, 9, or even 12 months, and your data still isn’t ready? Frustrated Man At His Desk
  • Do you have easy access to tract, formation, owner, and lease details?
  • Are you still manually compiling reports to get the answers you need?

Have you really saved any time or money after all of these headaches?

Don’t worry. We’ve seen it all before! We’ve converted millions of data points from every land software in the market.

Our industry leading tract and formation-based software is supported by superhero teams of iLandMan Superhero landmen, lease analysts, and data scientists who will efficiently convert your data to iLandMan, putting your company back on track.


When the conversion is finished your team will be working in the most advanced land management software in the world. iLandMan automatically:


  • Verifies net-acreage by tracts and formations
  • Tracks lease expirations and extension payments
  • Schedules shut-in payments and drilling obligations
  • Monitors vertical and horizontal pugh clauses
  • Creates division orders and joint interest billing decks by unit, well, and depth

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