Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you had a chance to look through our website and find out everything you need to know about iLandMan. If you just need a quick overview, here are some common questions people ask all the time.

What exactly is iLandMan?

iLandMan is an online (“cloud-based”) software system for lease/land management, primarily used in the oil and gas industry.

How did iLandMan start?

Two landmen with over 25 years of experience decided that there had to be a better way to manage lease data, so they started a new company.

What does the iLandMan team know about the land business?

Like we said, these guys know the land business, so they went out and found a team of super nerd programmers and developers.

Who should use iLandMan?

There are a number of companies that benefit from using iLandMan, such as those involved in: Exploration and Production, Land Service, Seismic Permitting, Right of Way, Mineral Rights Management, Mining, Independent Landmen, Wind Energy, and more!

I'm not very good with technology. Is using iLandMan going to be hard for me?

You are using a computer right now aren’t you? Then you’ve already got what it takes!

Do I need a ton of training to really understand the program?

Just a few hours are all it takes to get the gist of things and even become iLandMan Certified.

What training options are available?

We have a great web-based training program that walks you through the system step by step. After that, if you need further assistance, one of our team members can guide you personally.

I’ve been doing this work the same way for 30 years, why would I want to change now?

Paper and even spreadsheets just aren’t efficient enough for this kind of work in a modern world. Whether you are an independent contractor or run your own company, you will work more efficiently and become more valuable to your clients.

Is my data secure with iLandMan?

Your data is proprietary to your company, and its security is paramount to our business. Not only do you have the ability to directly administer data permissions within your projects, but your license data is triple password protected, backed up in various locations daily, and backed up every 15 minutes locally. iLandMan is also a SOC 3 certified site having been examined by an independent accountant.

Is changing over to iLandMan from other programs difficult?

It’s as simple as entering data into iLandMan instead of spreadsheets. If you are currently using another database, we can import data right into iLandMan in a flash.

Will iLandMan work on my iPhone and/or iPad?

Yes! iLandMan is designed to work anywhere and everywhere (with an internet connection) since it is cloud-based and mobile friendly.

What sort of mapping system does iLandMan use?

The core of iLandMan is ArcGIS Server which gives our users a fully integrated and interactive map. We’ve also developed our own mapping module, iLandMapper, which allows users to build and edit tracts and units without 3rd party systems or GIS experience.

Does iLandMan integrate with other programs?

We have an API (application programming interface) which can easily be used to integrate with accounting systems and more. We are also willing to do customized development for those who are interested.

All this "technology" seems expensive. What is iLandMan going to cost me?

iLandMan is based on a yearly license and monthly user fees so it can work just right for you. Click here for more information or to set up a demonstration.

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