2018 OCAPLTA Symposium

The 11th Annual OCAPLTA Symposium was held in the Minders School of Business at Oklahoma City University. President of the OCAPLTA, Kelley Newkirk Konarik and her team did a great job hosting the event. The lineup of presenters covered a wide range of topics that were educational and entertaining.

Tiffany Patterson, Kelley Konarik - 2018 OCAPLTA SymposiumThe first presentation was given by Meredith A. Wegener, a Professor and the Director of the Graduate Energy Programs at Oklahoma City University covering the topic of the ever evolving industry. It was a great start to the morning to hear from someone so knowledgeable and from the hosting University.

The next presentation was given by Doug Sandridge an Energy Consultant for EnergyPrecis. Mr. Sandridge was delightful and presented on how natural gas, wind, solar and other renewables generate electricity.  He also discussed how ‘green energy’ is not a clean as the we are lead to believe. One fun take away fact was that if you leveled the avian mortality across all types of energy sources, house cats would still be the leading cause of death to birds!

The Keynote Speaker during lunch was Brett Hutton. Mr. Hutton is a Leadership Author and Coach. He presented on the importance of communication and collaboration as a  necessary foundation. If a company is to survive and thrive it must start with their culture. I enjoyed his outlook, that people work best in an environment where they are heard and understood, versus a fear based, competitive environment. When you feel like you are being recognized for your unique gifts and talents you have the courage to thrive in your company.  Collaboration can only happen when there is communication. So stop… collaborate and listen!

The afternoon started off with Joseph Dancy, the Executive Director of Oil and Gas at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Mr. Dancy spoke about the “Ten Technological Issues Impacting Shale Development”. It was nice to be informed on the new issues that are arising in the ever evolving drilling and fracking process.

Kenton Price who is a professor of Law at OU presented on an “Oilfield Drone Project” that took place in west Texas.  He also presented on the laws and bylaws of flying a drone. Companies are now considering this type of technology to monitor activity on their pipeline ROW’s, easements and drill sites. It was a very entertaining speech that contained useful information for those companies looking to advance their technology or those of us who just want to fly a drone!

Kenton Brice, Joseph Dancy, Tiffany Patterson - 2018 OCAPLTA SymposiumThe afternoon ended with a speech from Scott Stone about “Oil Patch Ethics”. He discussed the by-laws of NALTA and the code of ethics. NALTA is a great resource and network to assist those who are looking to better themselves and get continual education in an ever evolving industry. I liked how Mr. Stone posed the question to the audience: “What and who is your compass?” It is always good to check in with yourself and review your own standards because at the end of the day we all want to do our best.

Tiffany Patterson, Project Manager - iLandManThe day gave me a lot to think about and take away. I find more and more in life, it isn’t just a ‘you are with us or against us’ like we sometimes feel, being a part of the oil and gas industry because even ‘green’ isn’t clean. It is about doing what is ethical and right, using tools like research to uncover the truth and resources like NALTA to help us stay accountable. We won’t always have all the answers, but I hope you find yourself in a collaborative environment where you can communicate effectively, have the ability to continually learn, grow and thrive!

Tiffany Patterson – Project Manager – iLandMan


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