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NAPE Summit – 2019

More than 12,000 of our closest friends in the oil and gas industry converged on Houston, TX just a few weeks ago for NAPE Summit 2019 – making it one of the biggest and best expos in recent years. The iLandMan team was particularly excited to be exhibiting side by side with our colleagues at P2 Energy Solutions who acquired iLandMan last summer.

Casey Bergeron, Billy Lowry, Aaron Farris, Ryan Sarver - NAPE Summit 2019

“Better Together” was our battle cry, representing not only the bringing together of two great companies, but also the new integration between iLandMan’s land and P2 BOLO’s industry-leading accounting programs. Our teams enjoyed spending time with friends, customers, and visitors to both of our booths, fielding questions about this powerful new development for the benefit of exploration and production (E&P) companies.

Nathan Greneaux, Richard Hines, Katie LaRue, Sarah Caldwell, Tiffany Patterson - NAPE Summit 2019

William Venzke, Tiffany Patterson, Rett Dalton - NAPE Summit 2019

As the show came to a close on Thursday, attendees enjoyed an evening of parties and cocktail hours, including our own networking event at the Marriott Marquis in downtown Houston. Further celebrating the joining together of our companies and the integration of our programs, this time around “better together” applied to wine & cheese and charcuterie & old fashioneds. We had a fantastic time hosting everyone.

Cocktail Party Crowd 2 - NAPE Summit 2019

On Friday afternoon the ice cream snacks and giveaways for those attendees loyal enough to stick it out to the bitter end were a welcomed treat! While the sweepstakes area was packed to learn who the lucky winners would be, unfortunately a brand new Jeep wasn’t towing our NAPE gear back home to Louisiana– but we sure did enjoy being part of the big moment!

Jeep Giveaway Crowd 2 - NAPE Summit 2019

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2018 HAPL Golf Tournament

It was a cold and rainy day for the 2018 HAPL Golf Tournament a few weeks ago at The Clubs of Kingwood in Kingwood, TX, but that didn’t stop a few hundred folks from coming out and enjoying themselves for this big event. A day at the golf course, even a rainy one, is still better than being in the office, right?

Tom Wilson, Richard Hines, Adam Chapman, Golfers - 2018 HAPL Golf Tournament

We set the iLandMan tent up in our normal spot, on the corner of the driving range, and started serving coffee and kolaches for the early arrivals. However, it wasn’t long before the rain started to take its toll on our tables and gear, so we decided it was time to upgrade our spot.

Richard Hines, Tom Wilson, Golfers - 2018 HAPL Golf Tournament

After packing up all of our gear and moving over to the covered patio, the jambalaya pot was lit and we were back in business, now featuring luxurious covered golf cart parking. As always we really enjoyed visiting with everyone who stopped by for some jambalaya, a cigar, or to register for the giveaways.

Tom Wilson, Morgan Teltschik, Golfers - 2018 HAPL Golf Tournament

As the wet and weary golfers started wrapping up their rounds, it was time to head inside the big clubhouse tent to relax. There was more great food and drink to enjoy as the winners were announced, and some really interesting silent auction items to view.

Main Tent After Golfing - 2018 HAPL Golf Tournament

Adam Chapman, Richard Hines, Saints Memorabilia - 2018 HAPL Golf Tournament

A big thank you to our host venue, The Clubs of Kingwood, all of the participating companies, sponsors, and especially the great HAPL volunteer team headed up by Tanner Quiring.

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2018 DAPL Golf Tournament

If the empty jambalaya pot at the end of the day is any indication, our first time sponsoring the Dallas Association of Professional Landmen Golf Tournament was a success! With our tent set up on the #5 tee box at Cowboys Golf Club in Grapevine, TX we really enjoyed the steady stream of golfers to visit with all day.

Richard Hines, DJ Cherry, TJ Westerhaus, DAPL Golfers - 2018 DAPL Golf Tournament

Delicious hurricanes made by our on-site bartender, some smooth cigars, and plenty of giveaway swag were among our other featured treats for everyone that stopped by. After some cloud cover burned off earlier in the morning, it turned out to be a really beautiful day.

Tom Wilson, Richard, Hines, DAPL Golfers - 2018 DAPL Golf Tournament

Once the tournament was finished, the pot was cleaned, and our metric ton of stuff was picked up, we headed back to the clubhouse to join all of the golfers for more food and fun. The entire Cowboys facility was very cool, decked out with memorabilia, giant photographic murals, TV’s and more, so we stuck around to have one more drink with a quite a few iLandMan clients and friends.

Richard Hines, Kyle Lesak, Adam Chapman, DJ Cherry, Mason McCowen - 2018 DAPL Golf Tournament

A big thank you to our host venue, Cowboys Golf Club, all of the participating companies, sponsors, and especially the great DAPL volunteer team headed up by Mason McCowen at Rivershore Resources.

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2018 NALTA Annual Conference

The Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld was the absolutely beautiful setting for the 33rd National Association of Lease and Title Analysts Annual Conference. With the support of chapters throughout the country, various sponsors, and exhibitors, this year’s event encouraged folks to “bask in the rays of knowledge” through continuing education classes, workshops, and presentations.

Lou Mongello Presentation - 2018 NALTA Annual Conference

Sarah and Tiffany enjoyed the opportunity to meet new faces, visit with industry colleagues and friends from last year, and catch up with iLandMan clients. The conference environment was perfect for forming new relationships and networking. They also appreciated the chance to educate analysts and others about how iLandMan can help them organize and streamline their business practices.

Sarah Caldwell, Karen Chism, Betty Hodge, Tiffany Patterson - 2018 NALTA Annual Conference

Along with all of the informative sessions, NALTA did a wonderful job providing entertainment throughout the week for those in attendance, giving everyone the opportunity to cut loose and really get to know each other. The Presidential Welcome Reception and Luau Kahuna Social were tons of fun with great food, dancing and music.

Sarah Caldwell, Tiffany Patterson, Luau Kahuna Social - 2018 NALTA Annual Conference

Sarah and Tiffany had a wonderful time participating in all of the events and are already looking forward to 2019! A big thank you to our host, Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld, all of the participating companies, sponsors, and especially the great NALTA team.

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2018 PBLA Eric Hanson Memorial Sporting Clay Shoot

Windwalker Farms in Stanton, TX was the new spot for the PBLA Eric Hanson Memorial Sporting Clay Shoot this year and we are happy to report that it was a great venue for this fun event! With something like 700 shooters taking aim, it was again one of the biggest and best events organized by the folks at the PBLA.

Larry Tedford, Richard Hines, Jeremy Wheat, Terry Boyd, John Maddox, Tom Wilson - 2018 PBLA Clay Shoot

We enjoyed partnering up with the guys at Ted Walters & Associates as the breakfast sponsors for the day, serving some delicious burritos to get things started for the early crowd. Strong cowboy coffee and amazing peach cobbler courtesy of Tomahawk Land Services also made for some excellent pairings.

Shooters Crowd 5 - 2018 PBLA Clay Shoot

As the shooting flights finished up one by one the crowd grew around the main pavilion for music, cold beer, even more delicious food, and the always-popular gun drawings. We did a few prizing drawings of our own at the tent and sent three lucky winners home with some iLandMan swag. Congratulations to Chase Ragsdale with Optima Land Services, Nathan Pruitt with Diamondback Energy, and TC Turner Jr. with Buckey & Turner!

Rifle Case Winner Chase Ragsdale, Adam Chapman - 2018 PBLA Clay Shoot

Richard Hines, Pistol Case Winner Nathan Pruitt, Tom Wilson - 2018 PBLA Clay Shoot

Yeti Bucket Winner TC Turner Jr. Adam Chapman - 2018 PBLA Clay Shoot

A big thank you to our host, Windwalker Farms, all of the participating companies, sponsors, and especially Austin and the volunteer team from the PBLA.

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For more pictures from this great event, enjoy the gallery below or view the album on our Facebook Page where you can tag yourself and your friends.

Summer NAPE – 2018

Another fantastic Summer NAPE Expo has come and gone and we are still unwinding and following up from this great event. We were excited to be featuring our largest booth space with the biggest iLandMan team that we have ever taken to this summer show. As always we enjoyed visiting with our current customers, old friends, and those interested in learning more about what we have to offer.

Tom Wilson, Rebecca Wright, Richard Hines, Sarah Caldwell, Rob Neilson, Nathan Greneaux - Summer NAPE 2018Richard Hines, Jason Lodge, John Lodge, TJ Westerhaus, Matt Silverman, Cranford Newell, Tom Wilson - Summer NAPE 2018With the big news of our acquisition by P2 Energy Solutions earlier this year, there was plenty to talk about concerning the bright future for iLandMan. New developments, partnerships, and powerful integration between systems will be the keys to bringing more efficiency to managing the E&P land life cycle.

Shawn Strekker, TJ Westerhaus - Summer NAPE 2018

For the second year in a row the crowd stuck around to the bitter end of the show when NAPE and the AAPL were giving away TWO Harley Davidson motorcycles and group tickets to the Governor’s Cup NFL game! Despite a slew of prayers and crossed fingers, we weren’t the big winners, but the fun of the drawing was well worth the wait.

Sarah Caldwell, Motorcycle Giveaway - Summer NAPE 2018

Though we weren’t riding away from the show on two wheels, we had a drawing of our own at the booth for those that participated in our special NAPE contest. Sydney Emerson of Wandoo Energy was the lucky winner and was very excited to take home her new iLandMan RTIC cooler!

Richard Hines, Sydney Emerson, Adam Chapman, Cooler - Summer NAPE 2018

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For more pictures from this great event, enjoy the gallery below or view the album on our Facebook Page where you can tag yourself and your friends.

A Message From iLandMan Founders Tim Supple and Richard Hines

You’ve probably heard by now that iLandMan has been brought under the P2 Energy Solutions product umbrella, which to us represents a humbling validation of what we’ve been building from the ground up for a long time.

Tim Supple and Richard Hines 2006

Tim Supple and Richard Hines featured in “Landmen Launch Site” story in The Daily Advertiser on October 7, 2006 – Photograph by John Rowland

Some fifteen years ago, we had the idea of creating a way to bring landmen into the quickly evolving digital age. As landmen, brokers, and operators together for the previous twenty years, we were confident that the burgeoning internet could offer tools for land departments to revolutionize their processes for lease acquisition, GIS mapping, land management and more.

iLandMan was born.

As our software grew in sophistication and technology evolved, the proliferation of “the cloud” offered us the ability to develop better, cheaper, and faster than ever before. This also allowed us to build iLandMan as a centralized platform, focusing on “integration” with other data sources and software programs. We hoped that this would result in the most efficient processes in the industry, ultimately increasing the value of land data exponentially.

We worked tirelessly to bring this dream of integration to life, with some successes and some struggles along the way. Through this process we realized that finding a major software company that aligned with our strategy might be the best solution. In our first meeting with the P2 executive team, we were excited to discover that they shared our vision. They too saw the possibilities of combining iLandMan with their software suite to increase functionality and add value to the end users of both iLandMan and P2 products.

Richard Hines and Tim Supple - May 2018

Richard Hines and Tim Supple – May 2018

People may ask and speculate, with all the other avenues and offers, as to why iLandMan elected to join the P2 family. The answer is simple; to carry out the vision two landmen had some fifteen years ago of elevating land departments and empowering true land professionals as critical parts of any modern oil and gas company.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers, thank you to the staff of iLandMan, and thank you to P2 for allowing this vision to move to its next stage.

So, what’s next? We are staying right here in Lafayette and all of our employees and contractors are as well! This means you will still have the same team administering iLandMan and our services and support will continue to be the best in the industry. Our roadmap of development will remain in place, along with exciting new P2 integrations, and our passion to give our customers the best land software will always remain paramount.

The future is bright, times are changing, and land is still the asset that creates the basis of all wealth!

Tim Supple + Richard Hines, CPL

P2 Energy Solutions to Acquire iLandMan

Leading upstream oil and gas software provider acquires iLandMan as part of strategic growth initiative.

DENVER, COLORADO – (May 22, 2018) – P2 Energy Solutions (“P2”), the leader in upstream oil and gas software, announced today it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire iLandMan (“iLandMan”), a leading cloud-based land and lease management software provider.

P2 Energy Solutions

P2 Energy Solutions

Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Lafayette, LA, iLandMan is a SaaS-based, real-time tract- and formation-based software that provides complete access to all company projects, along with maps and reports that both increase efficiency and eliminate wasteful duplication of effort. With iLandMan’s strong market presence and proven track record, this acquisition furthers P2’s mission to help oil and gas companies increase operational efficiencies.

Of the acquisition, P2’s CEO, J. Scott Lockhart, said, “P2 continuously strives to help our customers drive down costs and improve overall performance by ensuring we have the solutions that meet the variety of needs of the modern upstream oil and gas company. iLandMan expands our ability to optimize lease acquisition and land management processes for companies of all sizes, and brings with it excellent customers, software, and dedicated colleagues.”

iLandMan co-founder and president, Tim Supple, said, “P2 was a natural fit for our customers and employees. iLandMan brings a deep set of capabilities that complements their production, accounting, data, and land management offerings. We look forward to continuing our track record of innovation and customer success as part of P2.”

Whitehawk Advisory, LLC and Evangeline Securities, LLC served as financial advisors to iLandMan in connection with the transaction.

About P2

P2 Energy Solutions empowers the people who power the world. P2 is the world’s largest software and technology company dedicated to the upstream oil and gas industry, with solutions spanning the entire value chain from exploration to decommissioning. More than 1,500 companies use P2 products and services daily to improve decision-making, gain clarity into complex workflow scenarios, and optimize upstream efficiency. With more than 80 years of experience in data and 30 years in software, P2 has offices around the world, and employs over 700 people. For more information please visit

2018 PBLA Shrimp Boil + Golf Tournament

With over 1,000 people in attendance, 800 pounds of shrimp consumed, and 45 kegs of beer floated, the 2018 Permian Basin Landmen’s Association Shrimp Boil at The Bar was one for the record books! It was a beautiful day outside, and got a little hot, but things were cool under the big event tent where everyone feasted.

PBLA Shrimp Boil Under The Tent - 2018 PBLA Shrimp BoilEven more than last year, it was plain to see that spirits are high in Midland and everyone was enjoying themselves. We were happy to sponsor and participate yet again, and owe a big thank you to the folks at PBLA for putting on such a fantastic event.

Eric Ashley, Richard Hines - 2018 PBLA Shrimp BoilThe iLandMan team loaded up early the next morning and headed out to Hogan Park for the Golf Tournament. Armed with coffee, cigars, drinks, and some nice giveaways, the iLandMan team got the tent set up for another great event. We couldn’t believe how cold and windy it was, but that didn’t stop 640 golfers from coming out to enjoy the festivities!

PBLA Golfers, Tom Wilson, Richard Hines, TJ Westerhaus 9 - 2018 PBLA Golf TournamentAs if there weren’t enough local legends and superstar landmen around the course, former Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco was on site, smashing golf balls and signing autographs!

Richard Hines, Jose Canseco, TJ Westerhaus - 2018 PBLA Golf TournamentWith plenty of food and fun, it was another great day for the folks in Midland, courtesy of the PBLA.

Look for the iLandMan team next in booth #1519 at Summer NAPE in August at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

For more pictures from this great event, check out the gallery below or view the album on our Facebook Page where you can tag yourself and your friends.

2018 OCAPLTA Symposium

The 11th Annual OCAPLTA Symposium was held in the Minders School of Business at Oklahoma City University. President of the OCAPLTA, Kelley Newkirk Konarik and her team did a great job hosting the event. The lineup of presenters covered a wide range of topics that were educational and entertaining.

Tiffany Patterson, Kelley Konarik - 2018 OCAPLTA SymposiumThe first presentation was given by Meredith A. Wegener, a Professor and the Director of the Graduate Energy Programs at Oklahoma City University covering the topic of the ever evolving industry. It was a great start to the morning to hear from someone so knowledgeable and from the hosting University.

The next presentation was given by Doug Sandridge an Energy Consultant for EnergyPrecis. Mr. Sandridge was delightful and presented on how natural gas, wind, solar and other renewables generate electricity.  He also discussed how ‘green energy’ is not a clean as the we are lead to believe. One fun take away fact was that if you leveled the avian mortality across all types of energy sources, house cats would still be the leading cause of death to birds!

The Keynote Speaker during lunch was Brett Hutton. Mr. Hutton is a Leadership Author and Coach. He presented on the importance of communication and collaboration as a  necessary foundation. If a company is to survive and thrive it must start with their culture. I enjoyed his outlook, that people work best in an environment where they are heard and understood, versus a fear based, competitive environment. When you feel like you are being recognized for your unique gifts and talents you have the courage to thrive in your company.  Collaboration can only happen when there is communication. So stop… collaborate and listen!

The afternoon started off with Joseph Dancy, the Executive Director of Oil and Gas at the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Mr. Dancy spoke about the “Ten Technological Issues Impacting Shale Development”. It was nice to be informed on the new issues that are arising in the ever evolving drilling and fracking process.

Kenton Price who is a professor of Law at OU presented on an “Oilfield Drone Project” that took place in west Texas.  He also presented on the laws and bylaws of flying a drone. Companies are now considering this type of technology to monitor activity on their pipeline ROW’s, easements and drill sites. It was a very entertaining speech that contained useful information for those companies looking to advance their technology or those of us who just want to fly a drone!

Kenton Brice, Joseph Dancy, Tiffany Patterson - 2018 OCAPLTA SymposiumThe afternoon ended with a speech from Scott Stone about “Oil Patch Ethics”. He discussed the by-laws of NALTA and the code of ethics. NALTA is a great resource and network to assist those who are looking to better themselves and get continual education in an ever evolving industry. I liked how Mr. Stone posed the question to the audience: “What and who is your compass?” It is always good to check in with yourself and review your own standards because at the end of the day we all want to do our best.

Tiffany Patterson, Project Manager - iLandManThe day gave me a lot to think about and take away. I find more and more in life, it isn’t just a ‘you are with us or against us’ like we sometimes feel, being a part of the oil and gas industry because even ‘green’ isn’t clean. It is about doing what is ethical and right, using tools like research to uncover the truth and resources like NALTA to help us stay accountable. We won’t always have all the answers, but I hope you find yourself in a collaborative environment where you can communicate effectively, have the ability to continually learn, grow and thrive!

Tiffany Patterson – Project Manager – iLandMan