Company History

Company History


Twenty-five years ago, land departments operated with fifty people in satellite offices, using phones and ancient computers to collect, store and manage data. Maps were color coded by hand. There was no real process. Because oil companies used many different brokers in far-flung locations, it was virtually impossible to compile accurate information that could be relied upon by all parties involved. Net acreage reports could be off as much as 10% in conventional plays and up to 30% in multiple or complex plays. Operators found it difficult to manage field operations.

Enter iLandMan

Our founders, landmen themselves, recognized the problem and began to build a solution. Essentially, we intended to help the land industry leverage technology. The program was constructed to streamline the antiquated process, eliminate inefficiencies, redundancies and inaccuracies. After a year of testing, we commercialized the offering and began taking on customers and adding features customers found merit in. We developed more features, more sophistication, more ways to access and work with the information they needed, and iLandMan began to grow.


The Internet in iLandMan

iLandMan has always been a hosted, web-based solution, but the common use of the Internet provided a whole new landscape of access for anyone involved in land acquisition. Anyone with an Internet browser now could use this “open and platform neutral” multi-tenant application. Hosted, not installed on the computer. Clean, clear, accurate reports are generated in Excel. Only one version of the software is ever in use, and updates are made frequently to the hosted application. Each user obtains a personal, secure storage area. Companies can add users to their license quickly and easily and are given project-based, privileged access permission for accessing data securely. All of the landman’s work, from contracts to payments, communications and reports, are generated for them by iLandMan.


The first iLandMan license was sold in 2006. The organization now has thousands of users with over 100 different companies. iLandMan is changing the Exploration and Production and Land Service industries.

I realized a long time ago that this industry is changing dramatically and it’s not a matter of IF you adopt new technology, but WHEN.

– Tim Supple, President – iLandMan

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