Scott Nowak Shares Why iLandMan Is A “Must-Have” For E&P’s

During his career, Scott Nowak has deployed and utilized iLandMan successfully at two E&P companies. He was kind enough to share his experience utilizing iLandMan and the value it has provided for his company and his career.

Scott Nowak, Land Manager - Paradox Resources

Scott Nowak, Land Manager – Paradox Resources

How would you describe iLandMan? “iLandMan is designed as an all-in-one land software package that gives E&P companies the tools necessary to function at a large company level with minimal staff. It has the ability to seamlessly flow data from initial lease check/title entry, to field acquisition, to mapping out tracts, all the way up to uploading the expense and revenue decks to whatever accounting software the company uses.”

Why is using a tract and formation-based system like iLandMan so important? “Having the system designed as a tract-based system rather than contract-based is invaluable for lease management. For example: We were buying leases in an area that was fairly HBP’d and as I was entering the title for the tracts, I would enter everything, even if the document referenced a tract that was not part of the subject tract. Yes, it took quite a bit longer because I was entering all the title data for a tract, but as I did this I started to see quickly how most of the tracts held common title.

This actually decreased the overall time it took to enter the data, since once the data is entered and linked to the tracts, you can simply clone one tract’s chain of title into another tract. Furthermore, and this is why I entered all the data from a document even though some of it wasn’t on the subject tract, we ended up finding small pockets of open acreage that initially weren’t on our radar. Eventually we leased those tracts, and they are now slated for development this year.”

Paradox Resources

Paradox Resources

How are you utilizing the mapping functionality in iLandMan? “For small companies such as Paradox, having iLandMapper, once the user(s) is fully trained, allows for easy mapping and manipulation of data to create almost any map necessary, without the need for a full-time GIS tech/mapper, nor a full ESRI ArcMap license. I not only enter all of the title, tract, and lease data into the system, I also map in all the tracts, wells, and units. Furthermore, the shapefiles created within iLandMapper can easily be downloaded and used in other programs. For example, I take our shapefiles and upload them to our Drillinginfo account to create an AOI, which allows me to target my searching in Drillinginfo.”

How would you rate iLandMan’s customer support? “The entire iLandMan team is extremely well trained and knowledgeable when it comes to assisting you no matter how large or small the question or need is. Online support response is almost instantaneous, and more often than not, the response is over the phone, rather than an impersonal email response. They recognize that the only way they grow is if the subscribers grow, and treat their users accordingly. On multiple occasions they have taken the time to discuss possible upcoming acquisitions with me at length, and advised on how best to get the data into the system.“

Would you recommend iLandMan to other E&P companies? “The cost benefit/savings of iLandMan over the long term far outweigh the subscription cost so I absolutely recommend iLandMan whether you are a small or large company. While Paradox has yet to utilize their offer to enter/upload new acquisition data, the quotes I have received were minimal compared to bringing on new or temporary staff just to enter the data.”

Anything else you would like to share? “Once Paradox grows a bit larger, we may bring on another landman or two that has some minimal GIS training to assist. However, that is why I like iLandMan; a company can easily ramp up or down depending on size of an acquisition for minimal additional cost (monthly user fee).

Finally, iLandMan is not stagnant. They are constantly working on upgrading the software, adding new modules and capabilities, and streamlining the user interface. They listen to (and actually ask for) user recommendations, thoughts, and ideas, and I have seen them implemented into the program. They truly run all the traps before releasing new features because upgrades are always rolled out seamlessly.”

Scott Nowak, Land Manager
Paradox Resources – Houston, TX