epmag.com: “New GIS Feature, Analytics Make Mapping More Actionable”

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New GIS Feature, Analytics Make Mapping More Actionable

Database brings all land analytics into strategy maps, including surface, mineral, and seismic depth dimensions.

Envision the meetings E&P executives sit in today with engineers, production management, and land executives hovering over four or five separate printed maps. The purpose of the meeting is for the team to understand the company’s leasehold positions. The maps can include contract conditions, expirations, surface use restrictions, and a mineral leasehold map, all of which were typically generated at different times (by hand) with limited visual or functional relationship to one another.E & P Magazine 2

The old way requires that each map must be created by reviewing the separate lease contracts to determine each contract condition on a tract-by-tract basis, then have GIS or lease administration color each tract based on the contract associated. Historically, the idea of combining the relationship of what these maps represent is not possible other than eyeballing the maps alongside one another.

What is now analytically possible using a land database that has integration to fully functional GIS mapping has remarkable decision-making implications and associated cost reductions. All maps can be… click here to read the full article on epmag.com .


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