Summer Newsletter – 2012

The Lay of the Land

Power Broker

Raising the Bar with Technology: Alfson Energy, Denver, CO

Alfson Energy Land Services is committed to meeting their clients’ needs as efficiently as possible, which often means investing in new technology. Alfson had high expectations of iLandMan and how it should augment their service offerings. Several months after implementation, President Susan Alfson initiated a thorough comparison of their lease acquisition projects, and found the following: Across four projects, ranging from no use of iLandman, to some use, to complete use—they experienced a 50% gain in productivity for the project in which they used iLandman exclusively. Ms. Alfson elaborates, “iLandman has delivered measurable savings for our clients and freed up valuable talent to focus on higher value offerings. Namely, analysis and reporting. Increased productivity allows us to manage more business with the same amount of high caliber talent.”

Like many brokers, Alfson was managing an enormous amount of data in Excel, pushing the limits of what it could do. Erin Riska, HR & Training Manager, explains, “We were sifting through so much unnecessary information to get to what we needed. Some data tables had 10,000 rows and dozens of columns of information. Now we’re able to drill down to the most relevant information with ease, catch and correct errors more efficiently, and provide our clients with high-quality, data-rich reports even faster.

“iLandMan really has been a revelation. Getting real-time information from and for our team 50% faster, we have sold even the biggest skeptics on the benefits. When it clicked for some of our more experienced field landmen, it was like an epiphany!” Ms. Riska says, “Suddenly, they started saying it was FUN to use iLandMan. That is enormously gratifying.” Ms. Riska continues, “We’ve made a cultural decision for our company that makes us more competitive.”

Alfson has been through many software implementations and knew iLandMan was special from the get-go, because of their willingness to customize the software to meet our needs. “We wanted to private label our license, to make our iLandMan interface look like Alfson branding.” Ms. Riska says, “iLandMan readily agreed and made the change in a few days.” Alfson has also commissioned custom reports, which iLandman always does their best to design. “Their depth of land background is instrumental” Ms. Riska explains, “iLandMan has always been most accommodating.”

“We have seen our key people leveraged in so many positive ways – both qualitatively and quantitatively.” Ms. Alfson concludes, “We are converging all of our work into one platform: iLandMan. What we have done with lease acquisition, title work, and land asset management in the past year, we intend to do with mapping in the coming year.” Alfson is definitely on the right track because they are employing the industry leading, centralized lease acquisition and land data management system to the benefit of their clients.

Hines Sight

Perception Versus Reality: By Richard Hines, Vice President/Partner

Today, E&P’s have more dilemmas than ever before. Oil prices up, gas prices down, this company expanding, that company reducing, acreage expiring, prioritizing leases to be drilled first. One constant is that land software technology is always refining, developing,
and becoming easier to use. Visual realities are displacing the manual past for the better.

More than ever, oil exploration has moved to the forefront. Non-conventional exploration will continue to increase the size and scope of projects so it is imperative that landmen stay abreast of ways to help manage, organize, and report to their partners and clients. Managing a project’s data from a mapping visual, rather than a spreadsheet, landmen can become more efficient, effective, and timely. Customers state by using our online database and GIS technology they save their clients 30% or more in lease acquisition cost. HUGE savings, especially in the large shale positions. Companies have always struggled to accurately and effectively present their acreage positions. For example, manually coloring entire Sections or areas using a color code to display how much acreage they own. This gives the viewer a false perception of what is owned. iLandMan gives one the ability to accurately depict all the tracts leased whether full or partial as well as depict competitor leases. Other layers such as wells, units, pipelines, or any custom layer can be included on the map. This gives the viewer a real picture; allowing them to manage their project and make decisions
based on accurate data.

In our 11th year, we see many changes in how our industry operates. New challenges face all companies, but better ways of doing our jobs are created on a daily basis. Portability of the Internet and all things associated have made it easier for landmen to obtain and verify information. It has also allowed landmen to collaborate with other disciplines, such as Geology and Engineering. Complex shale plays have overwhelming amounts of information. Databases are becoming the norm to manage and simplify the volume. All the necessary information is at the landman’s finger tips both in reports and visually (maps); helping make decisions more accurate and actionable.

iTech: You are the “i” in iLandMan

Integration with iLandMan’s Product-Neutral, Front-End Platform. WolfePak is the Newest Example of Back Office Enhancement

For three decades, the land module for all back office, financial accounting systems, has been little more than a warehouse to store lease information. Priority was given to functions that account for drilling, production and corporate management expenses. Land departments are demanding these back office software providers to integrate with the “best of breed” land solution, iLandMan.

iLandMan has joined with WolfePak to build an API that enables WolfePak clients to enter the dynamic, centralized world of iLandMan. Now, the true value of an E&P’s land holdings is accurately reflected in the companies’ system of record. For the first time, the correct value for both developed and undeveloped lease acreage is accurately reflected on the bottom line.

Map Tracts

iLandMan Offers Parcel Data for 125 Million Properties Through Partnership with Digital Map Products

Parcels can be purcashed exclusively in the iLandMan web store.

This new process and parcel data sets will help exploration and exploitation companies set up projects quickly in iLandMan and understand the prospect’s opportunities before sending agents in the field. No matter the size of the project from one county to the whole state, the parcel GIS polygons, the ownership names and address book can be purchased and downloaded from the iLandMan Store. Now, the data and map are automatically linked and ready to utilize in an instant.

Digital Map Products CEO & President, Jim Skurzynski adds, “Parcel data is a fundamental component to successful mapping and GIS solutions. We’re excited to bring the many benefits of parcel boundary data, including improved location accuracy and decision making, to the oil and gas industry through iLandMan’s leading mapping solution.”

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